Winter hike to Ithaca falls and Cayuga lake

Certainly the best way to start a semester… This hike reminded me of my first trip to Ithaca falls during last fall… This time it was different season and different group, only things common were me, Ithaca falls and Cayuga lake… I think I can apply for tourist guide and can start my own business but that’s for later…

Here are some glimpses of our day.

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Its been sooooo many days since my last hike, precisely 17 days… Pheeeeww!!! Thanks to Cornell CS department for admitting new students during Spring I made new friends. Couple of them are my roommates and others are their friends and now all are my friends.

The element of ‘first’ in this hike was that this was my first hike to Ithaca falls and Cayuga lake in the winter and also first hike with the whole new group. Thanks to all for making to this hike. Here is our group, in no specific order, Manvi, Arpitha, Sheena, Ravi, Sai, Harish, Brenda, Madhuri and the official guide Me. Looking forward for more adventures with new friends.

Happy Spring people!!!

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First hike 2015

There cannot be a better way to start your year. Hike on the FIRST day of the year.. Its definitely a sign of lots of adventure this year…

This hike definitely surpassed the expectations.. The Beebe lake trail right in the Cornell campus and such a beautiful one… It was definitely a dream come true for me… Ithaca is definitely one of the Nature’s gifts…

The hike started from Beebe dam. We crossed the bridge and started the hike on the northern side of the lake. The lake was frozen near the shore.. The ice was around 1 inch thick. This was just the beginning. There were more surprise waiting for us.

By the time we reached the Werly island we saw ripples frozen. That was definitely a miracle. The river ahead of Sacket Foot Bridge was completely frozen and by the look of it we guess the ice was at least 2 feet thick.

After some snow fight we made our way to the Winter Garden… This was definitely the best garden I’ve seen so far especially those tiny Christmas trees…

It was definitely a great hike… Thanks to Sonal, Nikhil and Jaineel for tagging along.. The hike wouldn;t have been so fun without you guys…

Something to note guys, if you wanna play snow fight there is a real nice place near the Winter garden…

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Last Hike of 2014

Today was a special day…. Woke up to see snow everywhere…. Thanks God for the snow finally…. It was a sunny snowy day… Toh trek toh banta hai boss.. Thankfully some people agreed to tag along for a nice hike… Aur kuch ko forcefully leke gaye…

Koi mahan aadmi ne (kisi movie mein) kahaa hai ki Destination se zyada Journey important hain… English translation… Someone has told that the journey is more important than the Destination itself… It was indeed true… We had great hike playing snow fights… Thanks to Sonal, Shubhangi, Nikhil, Lisha for posing to my camera all the time… You people rock!!! Here are some glimpses of our hike…!!! Re-live it guys…!!!

It was a great year… Thanks to everyone who made 2014 an amazing year for me… Expecting more fun in 2015…

This is my first blog and I guess this is really a good way of saying Good Bye 2014 and Welcome New Year 2015… So keep an eye out for more blogs in 2015… So with this last note let us all welcome 2015 with more adventures…!!!

Happy New Year 2015 … !!!

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