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Mars Attack

1.    Introduction

This project develops a space shuttle shooter game on Altera DE2 board. The story of the game follows the classic alien attack on our Solar System. Before the aliens reach Earth, the Guardians of Earth sends our best soldiers to confront the enemy on planet Mars.

The objective of the game is to shoot down all the enemies in the game while manoeuvring the Space Shuttle through narrow spaces on planet Mars without colliding with any objects. The gamer earns points for shooting down enemies. The game ends when he exits the Mars landscape through the narrow exit, thus winning the game or if he crashes with any objects, thus losing the game. The space shuttle has constant speed in the horizontal direction. The gamer can control the vertical motion of the Space Shuttle and shoot at enemies by pressing on Up, Down and shoot keys respectively. The video game is displayed on VGA monitor and a background music is played with crash sound if the Space Shuttle crashes down or Victory music if the gamer wins.

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