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1-Dimensional Cellular Automata

The FIRST project on Altera DE2 educational board.

In this exerice a binary, nearest-neighbor, one-dimensional cellular automata (CA) is developed and displayed on VGA monitor. A state machine is designed to read various user fed inputs, compute the CA and store the same in the VGA buffer. The VGA buffer is stored in the internal M4K blocks. The VGA buffer is then read simultaneously and displayed on the VGA screen.

The state of the cellular automata is displayed along the X axis of the VGA screen. Each new generations of the CA are calculated and displayed on the next row. Thus, time is represented in the Y-axis of the VGA screen.

The state machine is implemented in the hardware by Verilog hardware description language and ported to Altera DE2 board. The Altera DE2 board is a development and education board built with the Altera Cyclone II 2C35 FPGA and it offers interfaces to various peripherals such as VGA, Ethernet, Audio, memory etc. that can be used to build various applications.

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