Virtual Bowling

This project is our first attempt in Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality ( VR ), also referred to as Immersive multimedia is a simulated environment where the physical actions are recreated in the simulated environment. The simulated environment can be another real domain or a computerized virtual environment. Irrespective of the simulated environment, Virtual Reality aims at mimicing the physical actions on the simulated virtual domain. Virtual Reality is a big domain and there has been huge research conducted in this domain with varied applications. Although virtual reality bears many applications in Space exploration, military, medical, surveillance etc,  it has presented tremendous applications in entertainment and gaming domains.

In this project, we are trying to develop a video game that reads the bowling action from the user and simulates the same on the simulated game. The demo video for the same is displayed below.


The Virtual Bowling application is implemented by means of a finite state machine (FSM) shown below. Each game of the Virtual Bowling traverses through the entire FSM and then resets to start a new game. The FSM implemented for the Virtual Bowling Game is shown below.

Finite State Machine for Virtual Bowling Application


The game application receives inputs from the user by means of hand gesture. These hand gesture by the user is recognized and the FSM guides the game accordingly. The various hand gestures are shown below.

The video game is displayed on the LCD TV as shown below.

Video Game displayed on LCD TV.

The collisions between ball & pin and between pin & pin are implemented by means of vector dynamics. The complete design for the project is located here.





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