First hike 2015

There cannot be a better way to start your year. Hike on the FIRST day of the year.. Its definitely a sign of lots of adventure this year…

This hike definitely surpassed the expectations.. The Beebe lake trail right in the Cornell campus and such a beautiful one… It was definitely a dream come true for me… Ithaca is definitely one of the Nature’s gifts…

The hike started from Beebe dam. We crossed the bridge and started the hike on the northern side of the lake. The lake was frozen near the shore.. The ice was around 1 inch thick. This was just the beginning. There were more surprise waiting for us.

By the time we reached the Werly island we saw ripples frozen. That was definitely a miracle. The river ahead of Sacket Foot Bridge was completely frozen and by the look of it we guess the ice was at least 2 feet thick.

After some snow fight we made our way to the Winter Garden… This was definitely the best garden I’ve seen so far especially those tiny Christmas trees…

It was definitely a great hike… Thanks to Sonal, Nikhil and Jaineel for tagging along.. The hike wouldn;t have been so fun without you guys…

Something to note guys, if you wanna play snow fight there is a real nice place near the Winter garden…

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